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webloom is a small team of Search marketing super specialists. We only work with people that excel in what they do, some for more than 10 years.

co-founder / SEO & technical

François Dragon

François has developed his first website when he was 15, and learned SEO by himself, one algorithm changes after another, before he decided to make a living out of it. He worked at Saint-Gobain and Better Collective as Head of SEO on more than 200 websites and 5 languages, before he started the webloom adventure. 

co-founder / SEA & analytics

Clément Bourdon

ClĂ©ment established his expertise at France TĂ©lĂ©visions (French national TV) as a marketing project manager. He then launched his own SEA venture before he started webloom. His key values are data, continuous test, and the consistency of the client funnel. ClĂ©ment handles  an outbound portfolio of almost 1 million €.

Guy Gentil

PM and WordPress expert

Evanne Creteur

Head of Content

photo pierre (1)
Pierre Aublet

Account manager

Julien Janneau

Lead Dev PHP & Node JS

Bertrand de Bodinat Partner (
Florent Guyennon

Partner (

the webloomers

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whether they learned Search in their garage or through a long career, we work with them for their immense expertise

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